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2011년에 처음 한국학생들을 가르치기 시작했습니다.
주로 토익이나 토플 그리고 아이엘츠같은 시험을 준비하는 학생들을 대상으로 강의를 했습니다.
이후에는 중국 학생들을 4년정도 가르쳤습니다.
어린 학생들부터 직장인들까지, 다양한 연령대의 학생들을 가르치며 다양한 영어 수업을 했습니다. 모든 학생들의 필요가 다르고 수준이 다르기 때문에 학생 한 명 한 명 맞춤 수업을 해주기 위해 노력했습니다.

"Blessing in Disguise"

I have been teaching English online since 2011.
My very first teaching experience was in a Korean office-based online teaching company.
I was reluctant at first for applying, since I had a minor , yet funny accident in front of the guards and people in that building.
I had no choice since my cousin brought me there and I was wearing the same clothes when I had the accident and the guards recognized me immediately.
It was a blessing in disguise indeed.
I got accepted and never did I think that , that said accident area would be my training ground.
I cater senior students mostly in a special application, I was teaching TOIEC, TOEFL and IELTS.
My supervisor, my mentor , encouraged , influenced and inspired me how just not to be a teacher but an effective teacher.
Meeting the CEO, managers, supervisors was a pleasure . Meeting students, inspiring and motivating them was a priviledge.
Afterwards , my time ended with the company and I had to venture out in an online home-based Chinese company for 4 long years.
I catered young learners, senior students and businessmen and women. I was teaching TOEFL, IELTS and Business English.
There are times that I will have Medical English for English medical terms for doctors who will have trainings abroad.
It was a roller coaster ride, students' expectations vary and you have to adjust with the teaching style.
But at the end of the day, you'll still count your blessings having the priviledge to gain experience and the priviledge to inspire students that will never
forget your Teacher's name.

Message to Students
미래의 학생분들, 안녕하세요! 저는 Cassey 튜터 입니다 :) 여러분과 영어 공부를 하게 되어서 기뻐요! 저는 한국인 학생부터 중국인 학생 그리고 일본인 학생까지 다양한 학생들을 가르쳤어요. 토익이나 토플, 아이엘츠와 비즈니스 영어까지, 다양한 수업을 할 수 있어요! 새로운 언어를 배우는 것은 보람차다고 생각해요. 여러분과 이야기를 나누면서 문화에 대해서도 알고 싶고, 여러분이 무엇을 좋아하는지도 알고 싶어요! 저와 함께 다양한 주제를 영어로 이야기해봐요. 여러분! 빨리 제 수업에서 만나요~

Hello dear future students!

My name is "Cassey" but I am known as "Teacher Kcee"! I am very happy reaching out to you!
I have had so many students including Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.
So feel free to talk to me about anything under the sun.
We can learn different kinds of books such as TOEIC , TOEFL , IELTS and Business English.
Learning a new thing is quiet fulfilling, but learning a New Language is an achievement.
Let's bridge the gap of communication with the help of English language.
Tell me more about your culture and your future dreams.
I'll tell you more about my experiences and interesting topics.
You have a lot of ideas so let me help you express those in sentences.
Let's organize answers to become fluent English speakers.
With the best of my capability I will be here for you!
Looking forward to meet "YOU". ^^

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