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  • #Plans How can I change my lesson plan?

    Please contact our CS about the changes :)

  • #Plans A leftover lesson pass disappeared.

    Partially used lesson pass disappear at midnight of the day.

  • #Plans How are the tickets used!

    [ How to Use Lesson Plans]

    1. Tickets Used

    • All lessons are 20 minutes per lesson.
    • If your lesson ends before 20 minutes, you can use the remaining minutes until midnight of the day.
    • For appointment lessons, 1 lesson ticket will be used to book an appointment. If the tutor no-shows for class, it will be restored into your account. However, no-show by students will not be restored.

    2. Remaining Tickets

    • All tickets that were not used or used for booking appointments are the # of remaining tickets.
    • Remaining # of lessons are tickets that can be used with the revival coupon.

    What is the ‘Revival Coupon’?
    You can download the revival coupon in [My Tickets] menu. It is available for download 2 weeks before the end date of your plan. Use the coupon to extend your plan period!

    [Revival Coupon Notice]

    The revival coupon period differs according to how many months your plan is.

    -1 month plan: +5 days
    -3 months plan: +10 days
    -4 months plan: +15 days
    -6 months plan: +20 days
    -12 months plan: +25 days

    Revival coupon is a period provided by Tutoring to our students.
    So when the revival coupon has been used, your lesson tickets cannot be refunded. Also the plan period cannot be extended after the use of the revival coupon.
    Please keep the above notice in mind and remember to finish using your tickets within the revival period.

    *B2B lesson tickets cannot be extended using the revival coupon.

    3. Not used

    • These are the tickets that were not used during the revival period.
  • BEST Months2 classes / week, total 120 classes
    USD 140/ Month
    USD 840
    USD / class
  • BEST 個月 每周 2 堂課 , 共 120 堂課
    USD 140/ 月
    USD 840
    USD / 堂課