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FAQ Buy&Refund

  • #Buy&Refund I want to cancel my subscription.

    1. Cancel for this month

    - You can apply for a full refund within 3 days after the payment if the tickets are not used yet.
    -If you would like to apply for a refund, please fill the refund application form in [My Tutoring > FAQ> Refund]. 2.

    2. Cancel for next month

    -If you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel the subscription directly from [My Tutoring> My Information> Subscription Management] in the app.

    (Only available if the transaction was paid in Korean won,)

  • #Buy&Refund Do I have to use credit card only?

    For now, you can use Paypal, credit card and Alipay.

    Also, the automatic monthly purchase can be done with both credit card and debit card.

  • #Buy&Refund Can we use points without limits?

    Here is our point usage policy:

    1. For first time purchase: 10% of purchase amount, up to 15000 points may be used.

    2. For re-purchase: 15% of purchase amount, up to 100000 points may be used.

    (Only available if the transaction was paid in Korean won,)

  • #Buy&Refund To refund your purchase

    Please fill out the refund form below.

    * If the transaction was paid in Korean won, please switch your phone language to Korean first, and process it.



    Please refer to Article 16 of [Terms of use 3.0 (new)] for our refund policy. : http://tutoringgo.com/home/help/

    *The refund process may take up to 14 business days.

  • #Buy&Refund What is the refund process?

    About the Refund Process

    (1) Request Refund -> (2) Check refund amount -> (3) Refund Complete

    1. When refund is requested, you are informed the refund amount in order of requesting.
      -Refund process may take average 2~3 days or up to 7 business days.
    2. If the refund amount that has been informed to you is correct, the refund will take place.
    3. Refund will be based on your payment method. Refund is not completed immediately and may take time due to payment gateway service, phone carrier or card company.
      -Credit/debit card: after cancelation of payment, refund may take up to 3~7 business days
      (Overseas card may take up to 10 business days.)
      -Virtual account: after cancelation of payment, may take up to 3 business days.
      -Phone payment: after cancelation of payment, may take up to 3 business days.
      (However, if the payment is canceled in the month of purchase, the payment is not credited in your phone bill.)


    The refund process is based on Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please check Terms of Use 4.4(new) articles 129, 20, 21, 22).

  • #Buy&Refund My payment isn't going through!

    Please contact our Customer Service center for further help.


  • #Buy&Refund What is the refund policy for correction service?

    Correction is still in the beta service period. Correction tickets provided in the beta period do not affect refunds. Please noted that the refund policy may change after the beta period.

    (Correction service is only available in South Korea)

  • #Buy&Refund I didn't know the recurring payment was not processed. How can I pay again?

    If the payment is not made on the due date, additional payment will automatically be attempted up to 3 times. Furthermore, recurring payment will automatically be terminated if payment is not made on the last additional payment attempt.


    Payment failure may happen due to various reasons. If you receive a message related to the payment, please make sure to check the card information again. (It may be caused by the expiration date of the card has expired or the limit has been exceeded.) If you need to change your payment card, you can go to [ My Tutoring > My Information> Subscription Management] in the app.


    (Only available if the transaction was paid in Korean won,)

  • #Buy&Refund Can I use a foreign card?

    Yes, only if they are Visa, Master and JCB.

    But they are only available for the global version of Tutoring (Users living abroad and who have set their default language as English)

    Thank you.

  • #Buy&Refund Can I use the coupon and points at once when purchasing lessons?

    Usage of coupon and points with one purchase is not allowed.

    Only usage of coupon OR points may be applied for the purchasing of lessons.

  • BEST Months2 classes / week, total 120 classes
    USD 140/ Month
    USD 840
    USD / class
  • BEST 個月 每周 2 堂課 , 共 120 堂課
    USD 140/ 月
    USD 840
    USD / 堂課