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  • #FAQ 첨삭권만 구매할 수는 없나요?

    네, 첨삭권은 수강권 구매 시 지급됩니다.
    추후 포인트몰에서 판매할 계획도 있으나, 아직 미정인 점 양해 부탁드려요. 

  • #FAQ 첨삭 기록을 삭제하고 싶어요.

    이전 첨삭 기록의 삭제를 원하시면 튜터링 APP 내 고객센터(1:1 채팅문의)로 요청주세요!

  • #FAQ 최대 몇 자까지 첨삭받을 수 있나요?

    첨삭권 1개로 영문 500자 첨삭이 가능해요. 
    한 번에 첨삭권을 2개 사용하여, 최대 1000자까지 첨삭 받을 수도 있어요!

  • #FAQ 첨삭을 1회만 체험해 볼 수는 없나요?

    신규 회원 가입 시 첨삭권 1개를 무료로 드립니다.
    기존 회원님 중, 첨삭 체험을 희망하시는 경우 1:1 고객센터로 연락해 주시면 도와드릴게요!!

  • #FAQ [What Is Lesson Recording File?]

    [What Is Lesson Recording File?]

    Lesson recording files are provided for the use of reviewing the lesson.

    When you finish a lesson, you can listen to the recording file. However, it may take some time for the file to be uploaded so the file may not be available immediately after the lesson.

    When the uploading process is completed, you will have the access. Please give a few minutes after the lesson for the uploading process to be completed.

    In addition, the recording function is currently being under a beta service and we are consistently improving the system.

    We would like to ask you for your understanding if the recording file gets omitted which can happen due to many different factors.


    [Note That You Cannot Download The Recording File]

    The recording file includes varies information including the contents of the lesson, tutor’s teaching method, and etc. Therefore, downloading the recording file is not available due to Tutoring’s content copyrights and both for Tutors and students’ privacy protection reasons.

  • #FAQ [Information On Recording File Archive Period]

    [Information On Recording File Archive Period]

    Lesson recording files are stored on the server and gets archived after one year.

    Files that have passed the storage period cannot be restored, so please review the lesson within one year.

    Tutoring does not have a separate storage policy that is out of reach of review-related services in order to protect the privacy of both Tutors and students.

  • BEST Months2 classes / week, total 120 classes
    USD 140/ Month
    USD 840
    USD / class
  • BEST 個月 每周 2 堂課 , 共 120 堂課
    USD 140/ 月
    USD 840
    USD / 堂課