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  • #Errors I can't find my lesson recording.

    Due to the distance of overseas tutors and the network, some classes might not be recorded properly.

    If you cannot find your lesson recording, please contact 1:1 customer service or E-mail global@tutoring.co.kr Tutoring will strive to stabilize the service and launch it officially as soon as possible.

  • #Errors The class suddenly cut-off!

    When the lesson disconnects due to the internet problem, the leftover minutes will be reserved until 23:59 of the day. You can either call back to the tutor right away or just use the leftover time by the day. And the lesson ticket will not be deducted if the class is less than 3 minutes due to a network issue.

    To maintain a stable connection class environment, we would like to provide the following information.


    Q. I'm using indoor Wifi but it's not working.

    First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. If you are using indoor Wifi, please check if the free public Wifi is automatically disconnected. You can click Settings > Click the Wifi list for more than 2 seconds > Turn off automatically

    Also, be aware that disconnection may occur even when the LTE connection is automatically connected.


    Q. The sound on the speaker is too low.

    First of all, we recommend using earphones or a headset during class. If the quality of the microphone or earphones is strange, the class may not proceed smoothly. The Tutoring Development Team is always monitoring and making efforts to improve it. Thank you.

  • #Errors Speaker Volume is too small

    It's recommended to wear earphones during the class.

    If there are problems with your mic or earphones, there might be problems during the lesson.




  • #Errors Problems regarding the quality of the lesson (Wi-Fi)

    Sorry for any inconviniences caused.

    Please check if the wifi wasn't automatically disconnected if you are in a public place. 

    If you want to turn off the automatic disconnect setting, go to Settings > press on to the wifi for more than 2 seconds > click on turn off automatic disconnect



  • #Errors [iPhone] My tutor cannot hear my voice.

    For iPhone users, if you don't allow the microphone, this issue may occur. On the iPhone Settings, please allow the TUTORING app (scroll to the bottom)> to allow the microphone. You can change the settings in the screen below!

  • #Errors Technical problem

    Please report your issue through the button below.

    We will try to figure out the problem as soon as possible.


    Before reporting, please

    1. Check your device.

    - earphones

    - microphone setting

    2. Check to see if the app is updated.

    3. Check network settings

    - wifi

    - LTE

    - Make sure to have a strong and steady network connected.

    4. Contact our CS team

  • #Errors Did you miss the free lesson ticket that was available for 12 hours?

    If you contact us through CS (1:1 chat), we will send you a lesson ticket right away. 

    * The same account and the same device cannot be used. 



  • BEST Months2 classes / week, total 120 classes
    USD 140/ Month
    USD 840
    USD / class
  • BEST 個月 每周 2 堂課 , 共 120 堂課
    USD 140/ 月
    USD 840
    USD / 堂課